Private Treaty

This is the most common method. In a private sale treaty, you will:
Advertise your home and invite offers from prospective buyers
Negotiate the sale with a buyer, usually with the assistance of an agent
Sign a written contract with the buyer to complete the sale


An auction is a public sale that happens at a specific date, time and place. Prospective buyers bid for your home. The highest bidder enters into a contract to buy your home at their offered price. They must sign a contract immediately. There are serious penalties if they cannot finalise the sale on time.

Sale by Tender

In a sale by tender, you invite potential buyers to submit an offer (‘tender’) for your home. You specify a closing date, after which you consider all the offers and either choose the best one or reject all of the offers.

Expressions of Interest (EOI)

Is a method of sale whereby a property is available for a specified time frame. Buyers are able to make an offer before, or at the closing date (unless sold prior to) sealed and in confidence.

Why EOI?

The main purpose for selling a property via EOI is to allow sufficient time for a buyer to carry out all their investigations and make a timely and informed decision on a property prior to purchasing it. It also gives the Seller flexibilty to obtain true market indications along with allowing them the best opportunity to secure a sale that is most suitable to their specific requirements.