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EOFY: Seven ways to slash your property tax bill before the end of financial year

June 17, 2018

Investors Rental

Property owners are able to claim a wide range of the expenses associated with owning a rental property to reduce taxable income and minimise their tax bill. Most investors would know about typical tax deductions, such as interest on loans, repairs and management fees, but there are lesser-known ways investors can reduce their taxable income this financial year. The ATO is cracking […]

Gift vs Guarantor: Which is a better option?

June 11, 2018

For Home Buyers

Do you ‘gift’ the funds in the form of cash or provide a security guarantee? There are some factors to consider with each of these that may affect your loan application. Gift This is when a family member provides the borrower with a one-off cash payment which the borrower can put towards their home loan […]

Property Insurance – Who is Responsible for What and When?

June 3, 2018

For Home Buyers Looking After Your Home Selling Your Property

In Queensland, contrary to the practice adopted in some other States and sometimes assumed by parties to the property transaction, the standard terms of contract usually provide for the risk in a property to pass from the seller to the buyer, not from the settlement date, but from 5pm on the first business day after […]

Can an Agreement by Email be Legally Binding?

May 28, 2018


Often, what will happen is the authorised representatives will bounce the issues back and forth and when everyone is satisfied, the contract is created with a printed page and signed with a pen. But what happens when a seller and buyer agree on price in an email negotiation, through their nominated representatives, and then one […]

Appraisals and Valuations - What is the Difference?

May 20, 2018

For Home Buyers Selling Your Property

Real estate professionals are often asked whether there is a difference between a valuation and appraisal. A formal valuation can only be conducted by a qualified valuer who has undertaken prescribed education and training in this field to ensure that they take into account all features and issues relating to a particular property. Valuing is […]

Why the Agent won't reveal the likely price ahead of the Auction

May 7, 2018

For Home Buyers Selling Your Property

All they want to know is whether they should consider attending the auction and doing their due diligence on the property. But the Property Occupations Act prohibits agents revealing price estimates for properties going to auction. However, an agent can still give buyers what’s called a comparative market analysis (CMA), provided the seller agrees, which […]

'She Sheds' Are The New 'Man Caves' For Women

April 30, 2018

Interior Designs Just for Fun

Janis Nicolay Move over, “man caves”—we’ve got “she sheds.” If men can have a snazzy place to unwind, then so can women. While the concept of a she shed isn’t totally new (there are a surprising number of books out there dedicated to shed decor), it seems everywhere we turn we’re reading about them. Given how lovely and relaxing […]

How Gold Coast commemorated Anzac Day in 1968, 50 years after World War 1 ended

April 23, 2018

Gold Coast History

THE Gold Coast will pause to remember the fallen this week to mark Anzac Day. This year’s commemoration falls in the 100th year since the Great War came to an end, adding an extra sense of poignancy to the solemn occasion. Locally, ceremonies will be held across the city, including the famous Elephant Rock dawn […]

What is equity ? And how can I use it to buy an investment property

April 15, 2018

For Home Buyers Investors Real Estate News Uncategorized

Via: Pumped on Property By: Ben Everingham What is equity? Equity is similar to cash in a way. It is the difference between the value of a property and what you owe. For example; say you purchased a home 5 years ago for $500,000 and put down $100,000 deposit. Today the property is worth $600,000 […]

Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Cafes On The Gold Coast

April 8, 2018

For Home Buyers Gold Coast History Just for Fun

Via: The Urban List By: Brooke Darling For us Gold Coasters, a love of cafes seems to be in our DNA. We LOVE to do breakfast, brunch and all things involving some combination of coffee, eggs, bacon and smashed avo. Thankfully, our many and diverse breakfasting needs are more than catered for by Gold Coast’s […]

How to Throw the Most Memorable Housewarming Party Ever

April 2, 2018

For Home Buyers Just for Fun Looking After Your Home Rental

Article via: Marie Claire By Larkin Clark It’s finally happened: You found your dream house/apartment/studio/loft. The furniture’s moved in and the boxes are unpacked. What better time to celebrate? Here’s what you need to know about hosting your first housewarming party, from planning to follow-up. Make a Plan Choose your party time and type way […]

Six ways to style print and pattern in the home

March 26, 2018

For Home Buyers Interior Designs Just for Fun Looking After Your Home

  Via; Vogue Living By; YEONG SASSALL It’s a brave new world out there, at least as far as fabric and wallpapers are concerned. And according to Osborne & Little’s Graham Noakes, “modern techniques have allowed for more exciting prints than the more traditional ones we’re used to.” Thanks to digital printing, “the most elaborate […]

Beach Front Markets Lead to Growth Surge!

March 19, 2018

For Home Buyers Gold Coast History Investors Real Estate News Selling Your Property

Author: Felicity Moore 12/03/2018 The beachfront markets of the Gold and Sunshine Coast, and Noosa, have finished 2017 with the strongest growth in the state, significantly outperforming Brisbane.

What is a Stigmatised Property?

March 12, 2018

For Home Buyers Investors Rental Selling Your Property

Whenever we buy an established property (as opposed to off-the-plan) we know we’re buying a property with a history, but most of the time we aren’t too concerned about that history. Is the property structurally sound, is it termite free, does the property flood? These are some of the key issues most buyers are concerned […]

Rental Incentives

March 5, 2018


The concept of rental incentives has been in the news lately and while the idea is not new, it may be new to some people, so let’s explore this idea. What are rental incentives? Broadly speaking, they are incentives designed to encourage potential tenants to choose one property over another. Rental incentives are only handed […]

How to Avoid Buying a Money-Pit

February 26, 2018


When we are in house-hunting mode we all want to find the perfect property. That means being able to spot the dud and avoid the costly pitfalls that come with buying the lemon. Here are five traps to look out for when inspecting potential contenders for your dream home. 1. Illegal building work: In Australia […]

Surprising facts about the building and pest inspection

February 19, 2018

For Home Buyers Selling Your Property

It is an important tool for both buyers and sellers because it can result in the termination of a contract in some instances. When buyers visit an open home, unless they are a qualified building inspector it’s unlikely they can spot the hidden issues that a building can have. A building and pest inspection is […]

Tips for Settlement - Why Tuesdays are Better than Fridays and Other Advice

February 12, 2018

Selling Your Property

Settlement is the day when the property ownership passes from the seller to you and the day when the balance of funds is due in full. Settlement is when the purchaser receives the title to the property. It is also the last day the seller is responsible for outgoings, such as rates, water and sewage. […]

First-home buyer share of market keeps rising: REIA

February 12, 2018

Real Estate News

First-home buyers made up 18 per cent of total owner-occupier housing finance commitments in November, the highest percentage in over five years. Skitterphoto.com via Pexels. The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics housing finance data reveals that the share of first-home buyers in the market is steadily increasing, says the Real Estate Institute of Australia. “The proportion of first home […]

Photoshopping real estate images – what’s allowed?

February 12, 2018

Selling Your Property

So what is allowed and what is prohibited? Well, for those who are looking for a black and white answer, the disappointing news is that it’s very grey. Some areas are clear, but there is much that has been left open to interpretation. This can be very stressful, because if the real estate agent gets […]